What are the advantages of awards in glass?

What are the advantages of awards in glass in your communication strategy or your company strategy?

To succeed in their communication strategy, marketing and communication specialists are always on the look out for ways to renew the advertising approach. To differentiate yourself from the competition, and to postion yourself differently it has become essentiel to find really innovative solutions.  Trophies are perfect for the great events, whether it be for a classic school prize giving, a company recognition award, a sporting trophy or a special celebration. Trophies are not only ideal communication tools, but great advertising items because they can be entirely personnalised to the iamge of the company.  They are available in different shapes and sizes and will fit all sizes of budget of any company big or small.

The advantages of glass trophies and awards.

The personalised glass trophy  is an excellent way of differenciating youself from the competition without spending a lot of money. It presents several advantages.  It is often used to charaterize the image of companies : transparent, clear, strong, and solid… Glass trophies and awards benefit from the great noble reputation of glass!

A high quality gift.

A glass personalised trophy is an up market gift. It is a very efficient means of communicating. Today the quality of the glass is exceptional. Whether it be artisanal or factory made the trophies are made to measure to correspond 100% to your company values.

Many different techniques are used to arrive at a perfect finish.

3D engraving inside this high quality finished glass allows for even greater artistic expression and creative ideas.

Many companies opt for a 3D engraving of their logo into a trophy or glass promotional gift to create a memorable high quality gift.

A promotional gift that lasts!

For your next communication project why not choose an item that will last? An award in glass is one means of doing that, it looks good and will last. It can a real contribution to your company communication strategy. Given out at an event as a memento of the day or recognition for achievement it is particularly robust and will carry for message for a long time.

An item which carries a really positive message.

The trophies can take a logo or slogan to spread your message. Glass is a particularly refined material and if it is correctly done your message can be enhanced by the simple use of this material as a support. It is a way to add a comtemporary image to your company.

You see now why a corporate award is far more than a simple prize given at an event. It is a high quality gift that will tranmit the values of your company. A gift which will be kept over time and will serve as a permanent reminder of your company over the long term.

Don’t hesitate to call upon the specialists to guide you in your choice of style and shape, to ensure your values and message are shared through these exceptional trophy items.