« Rock crystal » personalized recognition award with 3D engraving

Rock crystal personalized recognition award.


This glass trophy is ideal for laser 3D engraving and colour printing in which we are specialists and have been since 2001. The trophy stands on its own, we can mount it on a base as an option if you wish. It is one of the most popular items in our glass and trophies crystal range.

3M chose this model with colour and internal glass 3D laser engraving of the individual names of winners while another company chose it to recognise their partners engraving their product in 3D inside the trophy.

3D engraving can be done from a simple photograph, so if you don’t have a 3D file we can either create it for you or use a simple image.

The trophy is supplied, as with all our range of trophies and plaques, in a high quality protective presentation box.

Available in 3 sizes  de 12,7cm, 17cm, 20cm.

Ref: 1044

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