3D laser engraving of your designs, texts, photographs and logos

We are specialists in 3D laser engraved glass and more recently colour printing onto glass. We also engrave inside acrylic.

We have the largest 3D glass engraving machine in Europe allowing us to offer personalized glass engraving in large quantities when required, keeping the costs down for our customers, and laser engraving glass in individual sheets up to 3.2 meters long and 1.4 meters wide. We can engrave into glass from several mm thick up to 95mm.

For personalised engraved glass for architectural projects please see our dedicated website www.vitrics.com

What is 3D engraving in glass or sub surface laser engraving?

3D laser glass engraving is made inside the glass or acrylic not on the surface; it is not laser engraving on glass. The engraving can be flat or 3 dimensional.

The machines consist of one focused laser beam which moves in the three axis, up, down and across. It has a fixed focal length. The power is at the end of the laser beam which is what makes the millions of tiny fractures inside the glass reproducing 3D designs, logos and even photographs. The laser passes through the surface of the glass, leaving it untouched, to engrave inside at the laser beam’s focal point. Through programming we can determine the depth or thickness of the engraving and its position within the glass, close to the back or front or in the middle.

Engraving glass before and after

Glass gift before engraving Glass gift after engraving Glass gift after engraving Glass gift after engraving

3D photo engraving inside glass starting from a simple photograph

With the advance of technology we are now able to engrave your photographic images in 3D inside glass. The software analyses the photograph to recreate it in 3D. The example here is a 3D engraving inside glass of the town hall using only this photograph provided.

Photo source which is used to be engraved into the glass Glass after 3D laser engraving

Colour engraving on glass

We print directly onto glass adhering the colours with UV light.

Colour engraving for a glass gift

Whatever your project for engraved personalised glass, whether it has been finalised or is still in the conception phase, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance and advice in order to ensure a high quality award which meets your expectations.

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